Why Do I Keep Striking Out? How to Overcome a Hitting Slump

There’s no crying in baseball, but if there is ever a reason to cry, then a hitting slump can feel like it! At D-BAT we understand how frustrating this can be, and after working with many hitters over the years, we have some tips on how to overcome a hitting slump in baseball:

Work on Tracking Ball Movement and Rotation

Often a batter has the tendency to let their mind get too involved in the swing. Instead, make it about the eyes. Focus your eyes on the ball and let your body do the rest. Track the ball all the way into the strike zone and swing. You can use tracking drills to improve this skill and hand-eye coordination.

Have Confidence

It’s tempting to let nerves take over when you feel the pressure of getting a hit, but those nerves can deceive you. Instead, practicing deep breathing techniques as you take practice swing and feed yourself positive reinforcement that you can take on whatever that pitcher is going to throw your way.

Keep Calm

Those jitters can make a batter jump or lunge at the ball, which leads to a lack of focus and taking your eye off the ball. Instead, keep your body steady and make your stride fluid. It’s also important to keep your head steady, as bobbles prevent your eyes from focusing.

Expand the Strike Zone

If you’re up against a 2-strike count, one of the best things you can do is expand your strike zone. In other words, swing if it’s close.

Train for Anything

There are some great drills you can do to practice hitting balls that are low and outside, high and inside, etc. Training for all scenarios makes you a better hitter and prevents a “weak zone” for the pitcher to target.

If you’re tired of striking out and want to take batting practice from the best baseball/softball instructors in the country, then come see us at a D-BAT location near you!