Running the Bases: How to Become a Threat

In the game of baseball, being able to run the bases effectively and efficiently is a must-have skill – no matter what level you’re playing at. D-BAT Sports – the best baseball training facility in the country – has a few tips on how to not only run the bases, but run those bases as a threat:

1. Run Hard & Run Through

There is a reason baseball coaches make their players practice running the bases. It takes stamina to run through the bases – and run hard – all the way from first to home. Never let up and give it your all each time.

2. Learn to Read the Pitcher

This one takes time and practice, but watching a pitcher and understanding his body language will go a long way toward knowing when to book it to the next base – and when to stay put. Watch for a ball to hit the dirt and be ready to accelerate immediately.

3. Concentration is Key

As a base runner, your eyes need to be on your target at all times. Your goal is to get to the next base, so keep your eyes and ears open for cues from both your coach – and the players in the field – on when to advance.

4. Understand Your Speed

In order to be a good baseball player, speed is important – but it’s not everything. Most baseball players are great athletes, but some players don’t understand their speed and think they are Billy Hamilton or Delino Deshields. It’s important to know when to take risks and when not to. Understand where you are at in the game and make adjustments on how to attack the bases.

5. Know How to Slide

There is an art to the slide and it’s important that you learn it! A messy slide can lead to a tag out, and it’s just not worth it. Learn to do it right and your team will thank you.


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Want a Faster Swing Speed? Here’s an Exercise to Help.

As a batter, your goal is to swing faster, so that the ball rolls off the bat a higher velocity and the ball goes further. It’s the stuff that home runs are made of.

Even if you are already a decent batter, strengthening your forearms, wrists, and hands will boost your ability to swing the bat quickly. Here’s a DIY baseball exercise from D-BAT Sports to build those muscles and get you on your way to faster hitting.

Step 1: Build a Rope Weight

This baseball exercise starts by building a very simple, inexpensive rope weight. The whole apparatus shouldn’t cost more than $10 and everything is easy to find locally. Here’s what you do:

  1. Buy the necessary materials: You’ll need an 18” long, cylindrical piece of wood that is approximately 2” in diameter, a 4 foot piece of nylon rope, and a 2.5 lb. dumbbell plate.
  2. Drill a hole in the cylinder and feed the rope through it. Knot the rope on top.
  3. On the other end of the rope, tie the dumbbell plate.

Step 2: Exercise your Forearms, Wrists, and Hands

Now that your rope weight is complete, hold it out in front of you, parallel to the ground. Now work your hands and wrists to roll the dumbbell plate up to the wood – and then back down. Do 10 reps then rest. Perform this exercise a few times a week for optimal results. Once the 2.5 lb. dumbbell plate gets to easy, upgrade to a higher weight, with the goal to work up to a 5 pound weight. You’ll be impressed what a little consistent exercise will do to help you swing the bat faster than ever before!

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Beyond Baseball: 5 Benefits of Team Sports

Getting your child involved in team sports – like baseball – goes well beyond the mechanics of the sport. Sure, your child’s ability to bat, catch, and field will improve, but their mental and emotional well-being benefits too. Here are 5 benefits of team sports that will benefit your young baseball player for the long run:

1. Cooperation

This is a no brainer. Sports like baseball force a player to work together with others for one common end goal. They learn empathy and the ability to form deeper relationships both on and off the field. Teams are often formed of players with different personalities, backgrounds, cultures, etc. – forcing a child to face adversity and differences head on.

2. Respect

Being on a team quickly teaches a player to respect the coach and his authority, to respect the other players, and to respect himself. Players need to learn early on that each coach and player plays a vital role in the game and they should be respected.

3. Lower Stress Levels 

Physical activity releases endorphins that lower stress and generally improve your emotional state. With a new generation caught up in screens and technology, never has it been more important to get outside and experience team sports with other people, lowering stress levels in the process!

4. Higher Test Scores

According to a study done by the Aspen Institute, students who are involved in physical activity perform 40% higher on test scores! This can be attributed to multiple things, but being a part of a team provides a support system where the player feels comfortable and can thrive both on and off the field.

5. Time Management

As your baseball player progresses in the sport, the practice and game schedules become more grueling. Place the responsibility on your child to manage their time wisely. Set limits on screens and gaming systems until chores, homework, and practice has been completed. Managing their time wisely is a skill that is pertinent throughout their entire life – far beyond baseball.

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