Why You Should Have a Wood Baseball Bat

As most people know, D-BAT has a full baseball pro-shop filled with top-of-the-line baseball and softball gear, including gloves, helmets, batting gloves, and of course, bats. We believe every kid should have a wood bat in their bag, and here’s why:

Player Development

Metal bats – while great for getting a hit and possibly hitting it further than you would with a wood bat – aren’t necessarily great for improving your baseball mechanics. You see, metal bats have a “trampoline effect” that essentially allows any ball that hits it to bounce at greater distances – not matter which part of the bat is hit. With wood, there is absolutely a sweet spot for hitting the ball, and if you can consistently hit the sweet spot, then your game will improve drastically. Wood allows the player to not only see the ball hit, but also hear the ball with more clarity. When that sweet spot is hit, you’ll know it by the pop! Discerning a good hit from a bad hit is much easier with wood.

Professionals Use Wood

If you have dreams of taking your baseball career to the next level, whether it’s college or beyond, then you’ll be required to hit with a wooden bat. The sooner you learn to use wood and learn how to identify that sweet spot, the better you’ll be down the road.

Discipline at the Plate

If you’re using metal, you’re often more likely to swing at anything close, because a hit can be had from many parts of the bat. However, if you do the same with a wood bat and hit it wrong, you might end up with stinging hands or a broken bat. But if you hit it right, you’ll be impressed by the difference wood can make! 

If you’re interested in one of the best wood bats around, then come see us at D-BAT! We offer a variety of top quality wood bats and can find the one right for you! Find the nearest location to you HERE!