3 Mistakes Outfielders Make – And How to Fix Them

In the game of baseball, each inning is a team effort. Outfielders, infielders, pitcher, and catcher – the whole team must be ready at all times to make the play and get off the field. 

Each position on the field comes with its challenges, and outfield is no exception. Here are 3 mistakes we often see in the outfield – and how to fix them:

Losing Focus

This can happen at any position, but proximity to the mound (or lack thereof) makes it a particular issue for outfielders. It’s easy to get distracted when you see so much of the field and so many things going on. Maybe the infielders and pitcher have handled all the balls that inning and you’re feeling restless. Regardless of the reason, stay in ready position and keep mental focus through each play. Stay focused by thinking through what you’ll do each time a batter comes up to bat. 

Not Backing Up the Infielders

This one happens often. Coaches often forget the importance of this role until a ball is overthrown and the outfielder isn’t there to back the player up. As an outfielder, always remember to stay alert and move to backup an infielder as you can to prevent stolen bases, and ultimately, more runs by the opposing team.

Lacking Communication

This one goes out to center fielders in particular. It is your job to call out information to your fellow outfielders. What position in the lineup is this hitter ? How did they hit last time? What’s the count? All outfielders need to be strong verbal communicators with each other on what’s going on, but center fielders need to make sure they are loud and vocal throughout the game to keep the entire outfield engaged and ready. 

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