How Sleep Impacts Performance

There is a lot on your plate and we get it. 

Most people understand that sleep plays a powerful role in their overall well-being, but few give it it’s due when it comes to being ready to play your best on game day. In fact, studies have shown that sleep is equally important to hydration, mental toughness, physical conditioning, and nutrition. Here are a few areas of your baseball/softball performance that are impacted by sleep:


Accuracy is vital to all sports, including baseball and softball, and it may come as no surprise that accuracy is affected by sleep. A recent study of Stanford University basketball players took accuracy results both after regular sleep schedules and then with 10 hours of sleep per night. Athletes saw noticeable improvements in accuracy and speed with 10 hours of sleep.


Injuries increase when less sleep is involved, and a study by the University of California confirmed this. They showed that risk of injury increased if the athlete got less than 6 hours of sleep at night, plus less sleep means less time for your body to use sleep for regeneration and healing. Sleeplessness also contributes to a weakened immune system, which impacts play as well.

Problem Solving

Try making a decision with a little sleep deprivation involved and it’s hard. Reaction times are slower and the cognitive processes are too. Getting ample sleep means a sharper mind come gameday.

Shorter Career

Not many of our athletes are going to make a career in baseball or softball, but a study of major league baseball players found that not getting enough sleep was directly correlated to shorter careers in the MLB. Just another indicator that you’re not your best when you’re fatigued, and a marker athletes at all levels should pay attention to.

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